First Came Bacon Date Scones

 A few years ago Bon Appétit  published a recipe for these scones. There wasn’t even a whiff of fanfare. It was simply tucked among their “reader’s favorite restaurant recipes”. I’m convinced that not a single staffer made them otherwise a full spread would have graced the issue beckoning readers to STOP and make these scones immediately. As you can tell, they were an instant hit in my house, but it is my girlfriend’s husband who has become obsessed. His wife and I actually conspire to protect him from himself by rationing how many are readily available at any given time. They came for dinner this week, so of course this savory sweet delight was on the menu, but the unanswered challenge had been to find an equally special soup.

I initially settled on corn chowder figuring that the creamy sweetness of the corn would be a match made in heaven, and it might, but not this time. I wanted something that would contrast the scones through intense flavor versus an arsenal of ingredients…. less we forget the exulted. I’ve actually been pondering this potential union for months, constantly scouting for a recipe or inspiration that would lead to a soup worthy of Bacon Date Scones. My “ah ha!” moment came unexpectedly while paging through an issue of Garden & Gun as I waited  patiently for my turn (WHEN? WHEN WILL IT BE MY TURN?) to see the doctor. Finally! A solution to my pairing AND deliverance from the excruciatingly tedious waiting room.

Chef Tyler Brown of The Capitol Grille at the Hermitage Hotel in Nashville prepares a Sweet Onion Bisque that pretty much only requires onions and patience…the former are simmered in butter for 5 hours!!! The aroma is downright alluring and tauntingly foreshadows the greatness yet to come. The soup is actually quite a contradiction considering its refined persona and rather basic preparation. However you choose to describe it, this Sweet Onion Bisque was worth the stove time and flattered the scones as hoped.  The Obsessed also left with his personal ration of Bacon Date Scones.

Sweet Onion Bisque

Sweet Onion Bisque

Adapted from Chef Tyler Brown.

The flavor of this soup is so “professional” that your guests will assume you picked it from the back door of your favorite local farm-to-table establishment. It is also a very thick puree and too rich to be consumed in great quantities, therefore making it an impressive first course.


  • 4 sweet onions, medium diced (about 2 ½ lbs) Vidalia onion
  • ½ cup of heavy cream
  • 1 cup of homemade chicken broth
  • 3 oz of unsalted Plugra (European Style Butter)
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ½ tsp freshly ground pepper


  1. Melt the butter in a large skillet (12-13”) then add the onions.
  2. Simmer over very low heat for five hours!!! Stir occasionally and be sure to brush down the sides to incorporate any onions that are sticking to the side. Don’t brown the onions.
  3. After 3 hours you will start to see a significant change. The onions will have reduced in size, concentrating their flavors, and become golden.
  4. After 5 hours transfer the onions to a food processor fitted with a steel blade and puree for 1-2 minutes, scraping down the sides as necessary. If you want a more silky smooth texture use a blender and puree until smooth.
  5. Add the cream and puree to incorporate.
  6. Transfer to a small saucepan, add the salt and pepper, and whisk in 1 cup of chicken broth. It is a very thick soup. If you like it thinner add another ½ cup of broth, but not too much more as you don’t want to dilute the sweet, intense onion flavor.
  7. Taste for seasonings and be prepared for ecstasy.
  8. Serve with Bacon Date Scones.


I sprinkle my Bacon Date Scones with Fleur de Sel versus raw sugar. I find it’s a better balance between the savory and sweet.



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